The massive human and financial impact of disasters across the globe is well known, and the European continent is not immune to such risks. Against this scenario, the legal and policy implications of disaster risk reduction, climate change initiatives and relief activities play a paramount role in providing an effective and efficient support to disasters’ victims and affected communities, also facilitating activities of relevant stakeholders.

The objectives of the Jean Monnet Project Disseminating Disaster Law for Europe (DILAW4E) are to support information activities, disseminate knowledge and promote research debate on the crucial implications of disaster law for the European, international and national institutions and to assess its impact on humanitarian activities of relevant stakeholders.

Based at Roma Tre University, Department of Law, under the leadership of Prof. Giulio Bartolini (academic coordinator of the Jean Monnet Project), DILAW4E also benefits of a tested network of international and national partner organisations with an outstanding expertise: European universities with a recognized experience on disaster law (Cork and Groningen) and leading international and national stakeholders, namely the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) through its Disaster Law Programme, and the Italian Red Cross. This cooperative approach will guarantee to DILAW4E the capacity to tackle a vast array of European and national stakeholders, providing significant added academic value and a notable visibility also through the use of English as its official language.